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5 Ways to Support an Author

Learn how you can support your favorite author.

Write a Review

Reviews help support authors in so many ways. Not only do they tell others that my books are worthwhile, but they also play a role in Amazon’s recommendation algorithms, and help my books qualify for promotions and marketing opportunities.

Reviews don’t have to be long drawn out essays on the merits of a book. They can simply be two sentences: “I liked this book. Highly recommend.”

While I appreciate positive reviews, even negative ones can be helpful in pointing out what I need to improve on.

More reviews means more people will take a chance on me!

Review Nightfall

Review Fortune’s Flame

Review The Things We Keep

Tell Family and Friends

How many times have you found a book thanks to a word-of-mouth recommendation? Simply telling someone about my book can help in so many ways.

Follow Them on Social Media

Following authors on social media ensures that you’ll never miss their new releases and helps promote them to other people who might not be familiar with their work. It also gives insight into their lives, and engaging with us helps us to create books and stories you want to read.

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Follow me on Goodreads

Give them a shout-out

Authors are the merciless victims of severe self doubt and imposter syndrome. Just by saying hi, giving us a “hey, I liked your book” can mean the world to us and keep us going.

Sign Up for Their Newsletter

Signing up for an author’s newsletter is another way to ensure you never miss a new release, and often gives you more insight into their lives and how a book is written. In addition, you may be privy to exclusive content, discounts, and promotions.

Signing up for my newsletter means being a part of a Super Secret Club. You’ll get short LEGO crime stories, exclusive discounts, and other super secret stuff.

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