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I Will Steal Your Emotions

I can’t remember why I wanted to be a writer.

Here’s what I can remember:

  1. books were a big part of my life
  2. I didn’t want to go to work.

Somehow those two things got twisted up in my mind and here I am…nearly 40 years into my life journey with 6 books out and a 7th on the way.

But when I start to think about why I love stories so much, something clearly emerges.

Something that’s maybe not so pleasant to admit.

Like a super villain who wants nothing more than to control the weather, I want nothing more than to control your emotions.

Through my words, I will make you feel something.


Yep, that’s what it’s like to be a storyteller.

We want to highjack your emotions for an afternoon, an evening, or how about just 72 seconds?

Want proof? Watch the video below.

Are you feeling weepy? If not, I think we know who the real villain is.