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3 Easy Steps to Gift a Kindle Book

Did you know you can send a Kindle book as a gift? It’s true! Not only is it surprisingly simple to gift an ebook from Amazon, but it can be one of the best and easiest ways to make someone’s day. I’m going to show you how.

Can You Gift Kindle Books?

Yes! At first it might seem impossible to gift a Kindle book – after all, when you purchase an ebook, it goes straight to your device. But Amazon actually makes it really easy to gift ebooks! And the best part is the recipient doesn’t need a Kindle – they can read the book on the free Kindle app!

How to Gift a Kindle Book in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose the book you want to gift.

Your first step is to decide what book you want to gift. What was the last book you read that kept you up all night reading? Or how about the one that opened your eyes to a whole new perspective on the world? 

If you don’t know what books you want to gift, check out the Kindle Store to get some ideas, browse by genre, or search using filters.

STEP 2: Select “Buy for Others” on the Product Detail Page

Once you’ve decided what book you want to give, open up the book’s product detail page on Amazon. Then look for the Buy for Others box and click the button that reads “Buy for others.”

Step 3: Fill out the gifting form

After you click the “Buy for others” button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out a form that includes things like the recipient’s email address, who it’s from, a short message, and the date  you want the Kindle ebook to be delivered. Once you fill out all these details, simply click the yellow “Place your order” button to the right of the form.

Et Voila! Done! Easy, right?

Here are 5 additional benefits to gifting an ebook :

  1. It’s Easy: Gifting a Kindle ebook is easy—a few clicks and you’re done!
  2. It’s Special: If you’d rather put the gift in a card, you can send the book details to your own email address, print them out,  and put them in a card with a special note.
  3. You Can Plan Ahead: You can set the gift up ahead of time.  Amazon allows you to choose a delivery date  up to one year from the time of purchase.
  4. No Device Necessary: A Kindle device is not necessary (although that makes an amazing gift too!). The recipient can read the ebook on any tablet or smartphone with the free Kindle app.
  5. It’s Flexible: The recipient can exchange your gift for its equivalent in an Amazon gift card! If they already have the book or aren’t interested,  they can exchange it for a gift card of equivalent value.

Other Kindle Gifting Options

If you want to do something even more special, you can also give:

  • Amazon Kindle Gift Card – If you can’t decide what book to send, or if your friend or family member is a voracious reader, you might want to consider gifting them a Kindle Gift Card. This gift card features the Kindle logo to show that you were thinking of their love of books, but it can be used for any purchase on Amazon.
  • Kindle Unlimited – Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s “paid library,” if you will. Giving Kindle Unlimited as a gift allows the recipient to borrow and read an unlimited number of books from the Kindle Unlimited library. They get to keep the books for as long as they have the subscription. Learn how to gift Kindle Unlimited here.
  • Audible – If your special person loves audiobooks, you can gift them an Audible subscription instead!
  • Kindle – Know someone who loves to read but doesn’t yet have an e-reader? Consider giving them a Kindle. At less than $100, it’s a fantastic gift that keeps on giving. (Pro tip: if you give them a Kindle one year, you’ll be able to gift them Kindle books for years to come).

Happy giving!

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